Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shrinky Dinks! More Craftiness

I was introduced to Shrinky Dinks at Bella's house before Florida Rat Camp. I never had them as a kid or I don't remember having them. Anyway, they make Shrinky Dinks that can go in your printer! And they work. This was a trial run (you can see some paper got stuck on the front so I know what not to do) but I am pretty happy with this idea. :)
The SD sheets can be ordered here.


djh/texas said...

wow that is cool! i remember shrinky dinks i used to love them! another idea is to take some of your pics and shrink them down so they fit behind some of those flat glass stones. when you look on the right side the pictures are much bigger! cool! love you dru

Katreader said...

I love shrinky dinks! I had them as a kid and now I've used them with rubber stamps to make jewelry and embellishments in my paper arts. Haven't done any in ages though...I may have to find my shrink plastic!