Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sven & Ruby

Sven is Tracy's husband. Ruby was a rat that he especially loved.

Tracy & her Rats

Tracy is a friend who lives in Jamaica and loves her white rats. White rats are the only kind available in Jamaica as they are bred in the labs of the University of the West Indies.

Dickensian Rats

Actually Bob Cratchett (Big Junior) & Tiny Tim (our crippled rat Remus).


Our cards from the past 3 years. All historical details are correct. A great reference book is one on colonial life by Edward Tunis. Everything is drawn in pen & ink. It's really beautiful.

Pot of Gold

Lucky rat, unlucky leprechaun. Our St. Patrick's Day card 2008.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Buy a Decal, Help Rattie Ratz Rescue

This vibrant and colorful decal is a new heavy weight decal approx 5X7" simply take off protective sheet, press onto any solid surface and your decal is there to enjoy, car windows, computer cases etc, this is a winner of the Jackie Chan worldwide competition for drawings portraying the "Year of the Rat" World famous artist Matt Kaplin lives and works in NY city and has created this unique one of a kind print to celebrate the Chinese Lunar year of the Rat. This will be a true " collectible".

All proceeds will go directly to RattyRatz, a rescue and foster care program saving neglected, abused and unwanted animals.

Search eBay Item number: 110252683055

Monday, May 12, 2008

Gotta Treat for Me?

Today's ACEO. (I wish some real work would come in. Sigh).

Lord Phat Kidd Takes the Waters

Another episode in the life of Lord Phat Kidd. Unfortunately for him, the Cray Brothers had jobs as orderlies.

Valentine in the Museum

Matt did this for me for Valentine's Day. It was chosen to represent pet rats and hung at the New York Historical Society in their exhibit "Petopia, The History of Urban Pets." These were specific rats we had at the time, and the curator obviously did not notice Big Junior (agouti) giving the finger to Psycho Sammy (a nasty triamese boy).

Romulus the Beggar

Romulus was a small agouti rex boy who was the world's biggest food beggar. These drawings were inspired by the beggar in Richard Lester's wonderful film, The Three Musketeers, who switches identities when the first doesn't work: "Alms for a blind man...alms for a cripple..."

Hooded Rats

Some medieval costume ideas.

White Rat Plaid Shirt

Entry in the NFAC contest, theme: plaid.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nibblefest Art Contest

The Nibblefest Art Contest (NFAC) is a monthly themed art contest run on eBay. It begins on the 20th of each month and ends on the 27th. Every month there is a theme: May is "Jungle Life." Artists can submit any kind of work, but they must follow posting guidelines, and every bid must begin at 99 cents. The person with the most bids at the end wins (a little trophy or something). Search eBay after the 20th for NFAC--you will see some wonderful stuff. it's a great chance to acquire original art at next to nothing proces.

The Lord Phat Kidd Broadsheets

Fat Kid was an old pompous hairless rat we used to have. He once had an encounter (mercifully brief) with a pair of bullying nekkid boys named The Crays. This event took on a life of its own, and Lord Phat Kidd was born.

Some rat portraits.

Nude Beach

This was an entry in the Nibblefest Art Contest for the theme of "Nude." I was inspired by my friend from Jamaica and her stories. Our pink lovlies have their Red Stripe, but do they have enough sun block!

Pickles & Pirates

Okay, it's not strictly rat art but Matt did get some rats into the art. We both love the old Creepy and eerie black & white horror comics and have done a few ourselves in that style. This was actually published in a small independent comic book some years ago.

More Mother's Day Cards

From 2006 & 2007 by Matt.

Yummy Corn

Another recent ACEO.

Sunday Dinner with the Rat Family

Another recent card based on a Matt drawing.

Happy Mother's Day

I will spend today trying to be a good rat mom and clean cages...and not waste time playing on the computer.


I create ACEOs for fun and maybe a tiny profit. ACEO is the name of a group on eBay and it means: Art Cards, Editions and Originals. Art Cards are a standard size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches, like an average deck of cards. They fit in a standard trading card sleeve, or can be matted and framed. They are an affordable way to own original art and get a feel for an artists work up close. Search ACEO on eBay to see more Art Cards from talented artists.

Rattie Mom & Kid ACEO

My Mother's Day ACEO based on Matt's drawing from las year. I don't know if I love the colored pencil over the watercolor as was done here.

Mother's Day

Matt's drawing for Mother's Day 2008. He has not been doing much drawing lately but managed to pull this lovely one out of the hat. He always comes through for the holidays.