Monday, May 12, 2008

Gotta Treat for Me?

Today's ACEO. (I wish some real work would come in. Sigh).

Lord Phat Kidd Takes the Waters

Another episode in the life of Lord Phat Kidd. Unfortunately for him, the Cray Brothers had jobs as orderlies.

Valentine in the Museum

Matt did this for me for Valentine's Day. It was chosen to represent pet rats and hung at the New York Historical Society in their exhibit "Petopia, The History of Urban Pets." These were specific rats we had at the time, and the curator obviously did not notice Big Junior (agouti) giving the finger to Psycho Sammy (a nasty triamese boy).

Romulus the Beggar

Romulus was a small agouti rex boy who was the world's biggest food beggar. These drawings were inspired by the beggar in Richard Lester's wonderful film, The Three Musketeers, who switches identities when the first doesn't work: "Alms for a blind man...alms for a cripple..."

Hooded Rats

Some medieval costume ideas.

White Rat Plaid Shirt

Entry in the NFAC contest, theme: plaid.