Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Emergency in NYC:
Someone dumped over 100 pet rats (pews from what I hear) on a traffic island on the West Side Highway near 57th Street. I just heard about this last night, and have been relaying info as I get it (my friend who contacted me is not on FB). Efforts are underway to rescue these poor creatures, and I heard as of about 11 last night around 80 have been caught. Contact info if you want to help is: 

Vet is: House Paws Mobile Vet 

Please specify NYC rat rescue when contacting HALT as they also helped take in bunnies from a hoarding case recently.
You can also contact Tiger Buchman at the Empty Cage Collective who will be fostering some of these rats. Please share. These rescuers need all the help they can get. People who can foster some of these rats are desperately needed. Thanks.