Saturday, September 10, 2011

New from the Illustrated Rat

Cute little 1 inch square charms for key rings or necklaces. I thought I'd give these a try, and they are easy and fun to make. When I get them in, I will be making larger pendants and earrings. I will be taking a batch to Ratfest and offering them on Etsy after that. I will also be offering (I hope) hand painted pendants (in a larger size). They are a little tricky to photograph, so I have to work on that too. :)


*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

These are really neat Drusilla! Please let me know when you put them in your Etsy shop. :-)

Joy said...

I love these a lot. I put my email in so I can be notified of further happenings. I really want to know when these are put on etsy.