Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finally back in busines

We are finally moved and settled in and the work rooms are comfortable and functional. It's been a long strange trip to get here, but here I am. Who knows what the future will bring. In the meantime I'm starting something for the NRAC contest tomorrow and getting a feel for working in the new space.


lorikeeta said...

It looks great Drusilla! I hope you and Matt will be very happy there! Sending lots of love and good wishes! Adam and I are looking for places along the Metro North -- so we may have a little get away sometime soon!

Enjoy Hudson it is a beautiful place!

xox Lori
and Myrtle and Lemna from the Rainbow Bridge!

Shamisen said...

Hurray! You look so organised!

Stapeliad said...

Dru your new home looks beautiful. I am really bummed we won't see you this weekend... but I do hope to see you very soon. HUGS Jessica

Phyllis said...

Looks great Dru, love the green & red!